High throughput flavour dispensing

High throughput flavour dispensing

A yogurt plant in Reed City, MI was using ceramic piston pumps to dispense a swirled flavoring in their yogurt. These sealless pumps developed leaks when the product’s sugar content scored the ceramic, creating a leak path. The plant was spending approximately $8,000 per quarter on pump parts for the pumps

Having previously purchased a Bredel 65 to pump waste yogurt, the customer approached us for a peristaltic solution to his problem. He was interested in a 520Di, but could not install this model since the food plant required a pump with a NEMA 4X washdown rating. The plant then heard that we were looking for pre-launch beta test sites for our new 520DiN pump with a NEMA 4X enclosure and were interested in trying it.

The plant’s process engineer commented: “The 520DiN is the best pump for us because it is easy to set up for our high-throughput process, meets our washdown requirements and has no leaks. No other dispensing pump on the market performs like the Watson-Marlow.”

The plant has purchased five more 520DiN’s, each fitted with four 314D pumpheads.

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